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Unlimited Royalty Apparel, the heartbeat of fashion meets empowerment, proudly rooted in the vibrant streets of Miami, Florida. Born with a vision to ignite confidence and elevate self-esteem, our brand is more than just clothing; it's a movement that empowers people to reignite their potential and embrace their inner royalty.

At Unlimited Royalty Apparel, we believe that fashion is a powerful canvas for self-expression, a symbol of individuality, and a catalyst for personal growth. Our carefully curated streetwear and lifestyle collections embody the essence of empowerment, combining bold designs with a touch of elegance, because we know that empowerment and style go hand in hand.

Step into our world, where fashion becomes a bridge between self-assurance and aspiration. Each garment is crafted with passion and purpose, designed not only to elevate your wardrobe but also to elevate your spirit. With every stitch, we sew a story of resilience, determination, and limitless possibilities, urging you to unleash your true potential and embrace the limitless possibilities life has to offer.

We believe that true empowerment comes from within, and our clothing is more than fabric; it's a tangible reminder of your inherent strength. When you wear Unlimited Royalty Apparel, you wear the embodiment of your dreams, goals, and aspirations, reminding yourself that you are the ruler of your destiny and the architect of your success.

Our community stands united, a diverse tapestry of individuals who share the same passion for growth and empowerment. We celebrate uniqueness, diversity, and the beauty of each individual's journey, knowing that every step taken towards self-discovery is a step towards royalty.

Join the movement and become a part of the Unlimited Royalty Apparel family. Let us embark on this empowering journey together, where fashion becomes the armor that emboldens you to conquer challenges, face the world fearlessly, and embrace the crown you rightfully deserve.

Your story matters, and at Unlimited Royalty Apparel, we're here to amplify your voice, inspire greatness, and create a legacy of empowerment that transcends generations.

Together, we rise, because empowerment knows no bounds. With Unlimited Royalty Apparel, it's not just a brand; it's a lifestyle, a statement, and a testament to the boundless potential within us all.


Our Mission:

Our mission at Unlimited Royalty Apparel is to inspire and motivate individuals to believe in themselves. As a streetwear lifestyle brand, we strive to provide fashionable and high-quality clothing that promotes self-esteem and self-worth. We believe that everyone is royalty, and it is our goal to help people embrace and express their inner royalty through our clothing.

Our Vision:

At Unlimited Royalty Apparel, our vision is to create a future where everyone knows their worth and feels confident in expressing themselves. We strive to be the go-to brand for streetwear fashion that promotes self-esteem, self-worth, and a sense of pride in one's unique qualities. Our goal is to inspire individuals to believe in themselves and to provide the fashion that allows them to do so, creating a world where everyone feels like royalty.

 Our Slogan: Embrace It. Believe It.

The meaning behind our slogan is to embrace who are and believe that you control your visions, your dreams and how you are perceived. Embrace your inner royalty and believe that your are royalty.

Our Logos: 

Text URA logo is clean, simple, straight to the point. Crown logo is our symbol the crown represent royalty and the infinity represents unlimited. Royalty is unlimited.

Unlimited Royalty Logo

Unlimited Royalty Crown Logo/Symbol

Owner/Designer/Creator :

Owner of Unlimited Royalty Apparel

Name: Miguelina M. Vasquez aka Princess

Born in Queen, New York but raised in Miami, FL

I started this clothing because I always had love for fashion but more of dressing how I wanted and feeling good in what I wore. Me being a tomboy I was judged a lot but I was confidence in who I was and knew that I was fly no matter others said or assumed about me. I wanted to create a brand that represented me but also inspired others. People always told me that I inspired them and when I asked why that will always say that like the way I move and that I was always determined and confident in what I did. I never let the unfortunate thing that happened on my life knock me down. I used those things as motivation to keep going. I been a fighter all my life. I was born a premature baby 1lb at birth, I am what some call a miracle baby. I loss my parents at very young age by age 10 both biological parents were deceased. Raised by my first cousin. This brand is special to me because is something I created and build all on my own. This just a little insight about me and my life.

I appreciate any and everyone who supports me and this brand. Thank You!








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